SpaceX's Starship Grounded By US Government For Hazardous Debris During Lift-off
SpaceX's Starship Grounded For Hazardous Debris During Lift-off
SpaceX's Starship has reportedly been grounded amid claims that the explosive launch last week caused potentially hazardous debris to fall over endangered habitats and homes.
US civil aviation regulator Federal Aviation Administration has banned SpaceX from any further launches until the probe into its failed mission on April 20 is completed.
SpaceX's Starship exploded four minutes after liftoff last week from Starbase facility in Boca Chica, Texas.
"The FAA will oversee the mishap investigation of the Starship/Super Heavy test mission," FAA said soon after the failed mission on April 20.
Reports said that residents living even 10kms away from the launch site complained about the debris falling over their homes in Port Isabel, Texas and across beaches in Boca Chica.
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